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Building a Winning Team


Course Objectives

To enable managers to work more effectively with their team and fellow managers

This will include:

Workshop Outcomes

The following outcomes will have been achieved by the end of the workshop:


Methodology and Content

The program is highly interactive, participative and fun, with the course leader facilitates the process rather than training. It revolves around the pre-work, which is completed by team member prior to the course, and previously agreed with yourselves.

Team Roles and Individual Responsibilities

Members undergo the discipline of thinking about the results that should emerge from the effort they put into their work. These are discussed and analysed with the team during the course. This leads to a clear understanding of the effectiveness required of each member and the place each job has in the total team effort.

Team Building Process

Part of the team building process is implemented through various exercises both outdoors and in the seminar room, which would be decided inconjuction with yourselves. These could include such outdoor areas such as sailing, high and low ropes, abseiling etc., all of which is carried out by qualified instructors.


The overall content would depend on your specific requirements and objectives. Here are areas, which might be included:

Examples of tools we use to assist with this process are Mind Mapping, Myers Briggs, Forced Field Analysis, SWOT Analysis, steps in building a Winning Team: Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing.

Alternative Content

For some clients we have combined Team Building with skills based workshops such as Communication, Interpersonal skills, Conflict Resolution, Time Management, and others.

Working Papers and follow up session

These are be prepared during the program to provide a record of what has been discussed and agreed, and include individual Action Plans.

To ensure on-going improvement, we recommend a follow up session a few weeks after the workshop to check progress and reinforce action plans.


Building a Winning Team

Direct Feedback from attendees of this workshop run by Paul Chatfeild-Clarke:


“ The style in the environment was pleasant open and well presented. Overall very good. Ideas I took away were:

Listen instead of trying to challenge an argument

My personality style

How to handle situations in the team as they develop

Understanding Transactional Analysis, and Myers Briggs.” Ivor


“ Thorough, Effective, Good Follow up, and promoted good participation.



     Team Role exercise

      Communications .” Steve


“Excellent presentation of course content and broken up nicely with physical teamwork.

•  Handling conflict

•  Learn to be assertive in a conversation

•  The art of active listening

•  Being more aware of other peoples reactions and my attitude to them.” Paul


“ Informative without applying any pressure, good atmosphere for information absorption.

  Listening Skills

  The concept of asking the right question

   Team structures and using them correctly

Transactional Analysis.” Jamie


“Well planned, good content and true to real life

•  Solving conflicts

•  Stay positive

•  Reading body language

•  Team role analysis

•  Fully developed some good team communication skills.” Martin


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