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Report & Business Writing Workshop


Business people spend a great deal of time compiling technical or non-technical reports, letters, memos, faxes, e-mail, and persuasive material, such as proposals, tenders, submissions and marketing documents.

This comprehensive Business Writing workshop addresses the key areas of effective writing. This will assist staff, middle and senior managers, to prepare and write in a clear, concise and positive manner, in a lot less time.

Workshop Outcomes

At the end of the workshop, attendees will be able to:


Course Outline

The techniques of report and business writing are taught in a logical sequence, working through five stepping-stones to effective writing, which are:

1. Aim

2. Language

3. Structure

4. Layout

5. Techniques

Training Method

Report & Business Writing

Direct Feedback from attendees of this workshop run by Paul Chatfeild-Clarke:

“Good - 9/10 – Enjoyed it

  • Think of the Reader
  • Preparation & planning
  • Mind Mapping
  • KISS Principle
  • Use active rather than passive as much as possible”


“Good – Both fun and interesting – Ideas from the course:

  • Mind Mapping and preparation
  • KISS not KILL principle
  • Clarity Index
  • Persuasive and Informative Structures.”


“Excellent – Highly interactive and informative:

  • Keep reports short and simple
  • Write to express not impress
  • Establish the Aim Think of the Reader·
  • Paragraph and sentence construction·
  • Presentation and Layout·
  • Grammar and punctuation.”


“Excellent – achieved almost 100% of my objectives, still some personal practice is required.

  • The persuasive structure
  • Mind Mapping for planning and preparation
  • First establish the Aim
  • Short words, short sentences
  • The Clarity Index
  • Write as if you were face to face.”


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