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Negotiation Skills



Workshop Objectives & Outcomes

By the end of the course the participants will:

Course Content


Training Method

The training program is structured to include:

The training program will help attendees determine their own strengths and weaknesses at the outset of the course. Concepts will be developed with maximum trainee participation. Case studies will be specifically developed prior to the course in consultation with you, and recorded on video during the workshop. This will then be constructively assessed by the course leader and by group discussion. Care is taken not to embarrass any member, but to develop confidence by sensitively building on each person's strengths.


Negotiation Skills

Direct Feedback from attendees of this workshop run by Paul Chatfeild-Clarke:

“ Yes, excellent, covered all areas expected.

  • Preparing, Strategy, Tactics ie Push or Pull Proposing
  • Presenting, Communication such as Open Questions
  • Variables
  • Planning
  • Overall Excellent”



“It is obvious there is a lot to learn and given only two days, I have learnt two days worth.

  • Become prepared prior to the negotiation
  • Structure my negotiations more appropriately
  • Establish the Bargaining Arena
  • Variables
  • Plan tactics
  • Go for a win/win outcome where possible”




“Learnt strategies, tactics and behaviour during a negotiation. Also:

  • Ask open questions to get more information before arriving at a conclusion
  • Think of variables in advance and value them from other sides requirements
  • Don’t get emotional
  • Be prepared to move”



“My objectives were: how to be a better negotiator, what tactics to use, and how to go for a Win/Win. These were all achieved during the course.

  • Process steps to a negotiation
  • How to break deadlocks
  • Active Listening techniques
  • Tactics to use in a negotiation

    The course was well paced and a lot of fun.”


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