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Power Reading Skills Workshop


Power Reading = Speed Reading + Comprehension + Recall

Do these comments sound familiar?

How many of these problems do you encounter in your reading?


Workshop Objectives and Outcomes

The overall aim of this workshop is to implant techniques of more effective processing of written material as an automatic skill.

Expected Outcomes -- Following the course, participants will:


Training Method

As well as Australia, where this program was originally developed over 30 years ago, it is now being run in nine countries around the world. For those thinking of a one day program, we have found that similar results are not achieved in one-day, most people reach their Peak Performance on the second day.

The program is ideally run over 2 consecutive days, but this can be tailored to suit your needs. Attendees will learn their new processing skills with the aid of reading rate accelerators, eye exercises and at least eleven comprehension exercises to monitor progress.

Everyone is encouraged to progress at their own natural pace, and the course is not competitive. Each member receives comprehensive course notes for future use.

A senior executive from an oil company calculated that this workshop saved him 8 hours a week!


Course Content

The program conveys the key elements of an effective reading plan, including:


Power Reading Skills

Direct Feedback from attendees of this workshop run by Paul Chatfeild-Clarke:

“ Excellent! Really appealed to my learning style.”

  • Techniques for speeding and memory
  • Reading is not memorising
  • Difference between silently vocalising and hearing."


“Have achieved objectives – increased speed while maintaining and improving comprehension. Have knowledge of the techniques and confidence that they work.

  • Rate variation
  • Document analysis techniques
  • Skimming and Scanning
  • Use Mind-Mapping for memory techniques

Paul has an interesting and informative style."


“I have really improved my speed and discipline.

  • Mind mapping, skimming and scanning
  • Memory techniques

Manner of instruction was excellent, relaxed, informative and interactive."


“Doubled my reading speed and maintained comprehension.

  • Chunking
  • Key words and use of peripheral vision

Good style and manner."


“Yes, managed to substantially improve speed and comprehension.

Paul was excellent, fair and entertaining."


“Very informative and enjoyable.

  • Preview documents – don’t just read
  • Don’t read word by word – 3 faults!"


“ Excellent – I found Paul was very informative and related well to the group.

  • Discard old reading style
  • Adopt and practice new style
  • Set own targets to achieve."



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