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Business Presentation Skills
& Public Speaking


Overall Objective

The overall objective of this dynamic workshop is to help attendees plan, prepare, and deliver a clear, logical, technical or non-technical presentation to a small group or at a conference.

Workshop Outcomes

At the end of the workshop, attendees will be able to:


Course Outline



Audience Involvement

Voice Projection, Eye Contact and Body Language

Training Method

Business Presentation Skills & Public Speaking

Direct Feedback from attendees of this workshop run by Paul Chatfeild-Clarke:


“ Spot on! Paul was great, getting us geed up and keeping people on time – Good Humour and energy levels.
Good, pleasant and interesting.”

  • Definitely Mind-Mapping to replace notes to prepare, plan and
    give the presentation;
  • Thoughts more organised and natural flow of information;
  • Fielding questions - TRACT;
  • Controlling interactions, steady eye contact and slow down;
  • Pitch, Pause, and Pounce – a bit of fun!”

    “No areas of weaknesses – I’ve attended many courses and generally have comments on the area of improvement. Paul was ‘peppy’ and good humoured – great – much better than other courses and lectures at Uni.”


“ Excellent – I feel more confident, relaxed, & comfortable.
  • Mind Mapping;
  • Preparation – hand/voice/eye contact;
  • Persuasive Presentation Technique;
  • We do not appear as nervous as we feel!”


“Good, pleasant and interesting.”

  • How to make presentations more interesting;
  • Involve audience;
  • Use Mind-Mapping to structure presentations;
  • How to overcome mental blanks and build confidence.”


“I have learnt many practical and useable skills which were practised extensively during the course.”

  • Use of eye contact, voice: inflection, pitch, pause and volume;
  • Mannerisms – control hands, words and body language - be natural;
  • Use Mind-Mapping for preparation and planning;
  • When to use the informative and persuasive structures.”


“ Excellent – I found Paul to be very amusing, and the video practice great.

  • Having a Structure helped nerves – Less nerves, less movement;
  • Spread Eye contact evenly;
  • Persuasive structure;
  • Mind maps help organise thoughts and minimise nerves;
  • Involve audience – use their ideas and experience.”


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